Well-Read: Amber’s Book of the Month

Dr Amber Johnston is passionate about helping medical practitioners, researchers, and the general public understand the benefits and nuances of psychology and neuropsychological therapy. She likes to share her favorite books and resources as she continues her professional development to find the very best methods of psychology and treatment for her patients.

Read along with Amber as she continues to further her education and learn more about how you can continue working to create a healthy mind for yourself.

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  • Blink
    March 2022


    by Malcolm Gladwell

    An older book that has a timelessness to it, the author explores the fascinating ways in which the brain works outside of our awareness. Filled with interesting examples that we can all relate to, this book is fun.

  • Living with your body and Other Things You Hate
    February 2022

    Living with your body and Other Things You Hate

    by Troy Dufrene and Emily K. Sandoz

    This book uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles to help the reader navigate body image and body shame concepts. Many exercises and examples can help the reader identify their thinking patterns to practice strategies of making real change with their relationships with their bodies.

  • The Chimp Paradox
    January 2022

    The Chimp Paradox

    by Prof Steve Peters

    A popular book with clients, this read uses an analogy of the psychological universe to help understand common human experiences. In particular, the role of the part of ourselves needing basic needs to be met, the chimp, is well reviewed — including how to effectively manage this monkey! Though based in psychology principles, this is a great book to start the process of exploring psychological principles of our thinking and behaviour.