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Whether you need a top up or a new approach — we can help. We offer both online and some limited in-person psychology services so you can receive guidance and treatment wherever you feel most comfortable.

Our psychologists are experienced in a wide range of treatment modalities so you never have to feel uncomfortable engaging in an approach that’s not right for you. We understand that there’s no standard protocol for everyone, and we provide you with a personalized treatment plan that ensures you are set up for long term success.

1. Rewriting the Current Medical Narrative

This aims to rewrite the current medical narrative. We believe in preventative medicine and proactive health and therefore work to minimise and mitigate emotional and behavioural risk factors. Our goal is to tackle stress and emotional concerns before they escalate, fostering a resilient mindset in individuals.

2. Psychology for Everybody

Psychology should be accessible to everyone. We strive to provide tools, exercises, and understandings, not only for those navigating mental health challenges but for all individuals. We aim to empower everyone to nurture their mental health proactively and take a holistic approach to mental wellness.

3. The Neurophysiology of Thoughts and Emotions

We seek to explore the intricate interactions between our emotions, thoughts, behaviours and physical body. Our aim is to understand and communicate about the tangible bodily responses elicited by our intangible thoughts and feelings.

4. The Stress Response

Explaining its dual role in human wellbeing. Stress can act as a protective mechanism, but an overactive stress response can lead to chronic conditions and accelerated ageing. We guide individuals to redefine what stress is, understand the many contributors to stress, recognise their stress levels, and improve management skills thus improving overall wellbeing.

5. Wellbeing in a World with Warts

Our culture and society often create the stresses we must endure.  We are part of bigger systems which impact who we are and our functioning, and this must be considered in any individualised formulation of wellbeing.  Intergenerational trauma passed down from our families also influence the way we see and interact with the world around us.  The world is both a dangerous and magical place, and our personal relationship to it must be explored. 

6. The Shape of Our Past

We believe that our experiences influence our perception of the world and our present behaviour.  The brain is a predictive machine needing previous learning to hypothesise what will happen next.  By understanding the neurophysiology of our brains shaped by past experiences, we help individuals recalibrate their perspectives and improve their mental health.

{ Specialties }

How We Do Things Differently

Explore our offerings and see how we help individuals experiencing a wide range of symptoms.


If you have trouble processing stress or frequently experience worry, low mood, or thoughts of hopelessness, you may be facing symptoms of mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression. Our psychology team uses a range of techniques and therapies to treat your current symptoms, while equipping and empowering you to improve your emotional self-regulation in the future. We help you identify and prioritize the areas of your life that you feel you need the most support.

Symptoms can include:

-Everyday Stress
-Low Mood
-Pre, Peri, or Postpartum Anxiety and Depression
-Social Anxiety
-Generalized Anxiety
-Personality Disorders
-Eating Disorders

-Interpersonal Relationship Difficulties (early relationships, divorce)
-Medical or Legal Stress
-Work-Related Stress
-Phobia and Agoraphobia
-Bipolar Disorder and Cyclothymia


Whether you’re struggling with a recent diagnosis of a medical illness, or you suffer from physical ailments where no medical diagnosis can be found, we are here to help. Our team’s extensive experience in clinical and inpatient hospital settings allows us to help you understand interactions between the mind and body that account for many physical symptoms that may not necessarily be part of a disease process. With greater understanding of the possible causes of your symptoms, we work with you to find greater well-being while managing your health conditions.

Symptoms can include:

-Weight Issues
-Motivation to Change -Lifestyle Habits

Including making
behaviour changes to support health

-Chest Pains
-Headaches and Migraines
-Anxiety About Potential Illness
-Breathing Difficulties
-Sensory Changes
-Aches and Pains in Back, Neck, and Limbs

-Diagnosis of Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)
-Stomach and Digestive Problems

Including IBS, Leaky Gut

-Endocrinology Issues
-Acid Reflux
-Diabetes -Cardiovascular Disease

-Plastic surgery

Cosmetic, Reconstructive

Pain Management

If you experience chronic pain, you understand how sensations in your body can affect your mind. Your pain may frequently cause worry, stress, low mood, shifts in identity and relationships, changes in work, and trouble eating or sleeping. Our team works with individuals to understand the newest research into the complexity of chronic pain conditions to better understand the factors influencing your pain experience. We work with you to identify aspects of your reaction to pain, your lifestyle, and pain’s interference in your daily activities that may be alterable to decrease both distress and even the pain signals themselves.

Symptoms can include:

-Chronic Pain
-Gynecological Disorders
-Inflammatory Breast
– Complex Regional
Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
-Ankylosing Spondylosis
-Discomfort Sleeping or Eating
-Chronic Lower Back and Hip Pain

-Pelvic Pain
-Pain When Standing or Sitting
-Aching Muscles and Joints
-Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
-Spinal Injury
-Difficulty Performing Everyday Movements
-Phantom Pain


If you’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury, stroke, neurological disease, brain tumour, or chronic diagnoses like Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, you may require additional support adapting to your new physical and mental capacities. Our psychologists work collaboratively with your medical team to perform a cognitive assessment and help you adjust to changes in your lifestyle so you can continue to live a life of meaning and productivity.

Symptoms can include:

-Acquired Brain Injury
-Memory Loss
-Rehabilitation for Progressive Illness
-Decrease in Speed of Thinking
-Changes in Visual Perceptual Processing
-Behaviour Aggression -Changes to Identity or Personality -Vocational Changes
-Spinal Injury

-Barriers to Language

Including the
understanding and
production of language

-Executive Functioning

Including abstract
reasoning, impulse
control, judgement,
perception, critical

-Support for Loved Ones
After Brain Injury

{ What our patients Say }

“Not only do I get a scientific reasoning with my therapist, I also get a very logical explanation to my emotions and we work through it together. I have been with Healthy Mind Psychology for 18 months and the experience has helped me understand my challenges so I can begin to move forward.”

Patient Seen For: Nocioplastic Chronic Back Pain

“Healthy Mind Psychology creates a very comfortable environment to be in. My time here has been very productive and sometimes surprising!”

Patient Seen For: Fibromyalgia

“Amber is an outstanding psychologist. She is very professional, extremely helpful, and she is especially great in aspects of clinical psychology. She is engaging and explains everything very well. She has changed my life for the better.”

Patient Seen For: Anxiety, Chronic Pain

“Healthy Mind Psychology made me feel heard and helped me learn methods of managing a dynamic disability and grow in confidence, self-awareness, and happiness.”

Patient Seen For: Functional Neurological Disorder

“My Psychologist was able to explain to me, in simple terms, the relationship between the physiological, emotional, and psychological differences of some of the things I was experiencing. It gave me a clearer picture of why and how things were playing out in the way that they were, which was insightful and extremely valuable to me.”

Patient Seen For: Traumatic Brain Injury

“Healthy Mind Psychology has helped encourage and support me, to get me back to a strong mental capability with an understanding that despite my injuries, I am still the same person I always was.”

Patient Seen For: Neuropsychology

“I was shown how to cope with the issues I was going through, and through these strategies, I learned to help manage my condition. I find Healthy Mind Psychology an important part of my ongoing mental health and pain management, and continue to have sessions on a regular basis.”

Patient Seen For: Chronic Pain Management

“Healthy Mind Psychology has helped me to develop tools and techniques to work with anxiety, stress, and body sensations to live a full, fun life. Their support helped to understand why I feel the way I feel and joined up the dots in understanding my mind and body for the first time in my life.”

Patient Seen For: Health Psychology

“Through therapy, I have honestly gained my life back. Amber and Healthy Mind Psychology has helped so expertly with addressing and healing my physical pain and medical issues, and at the same time taught me how to navigate my emotions and thoughts in a healthier way. More importantly, rather than resolve those issues for me, she has given me tools and changed my outlook so that I feel so competent in dealing with things on my own.”

Patient Seen For: Fibromyalgia

“Amber has managed to change my whole perception of pain and how to cope, and also helped me to understand how my condition is exasperated by stress and living life with high anxiety. With her extensive knowledge, research, and reading, I now understand not only my condition, how it arrived and above all, myself.”

Patient Seen For: Chronic Pain Management

Feel More Informed Asking
for What You Need

Our team of therapists take the time to help you understand your condition and discover what you need to feel successful in your treatment. We want you to feel educated and informed about the different types of therapy, and how each one can be beneficial. Take our 5-minute online quiz to learn more about the different therapies we offer, and how Healthy Mind Psychology can help.