Struggling with everyday stress, low mood, or more extreme mental health concerns? Talk therapy with a Clinical Psychologist has proven results, whether for learning new strategies to cope with emotions or finding ongoing support to navigate the challenges life throws at us all. Clinical Psychology overlaps in many ways with traditional counselling, but a psychologist can offer bespoke treatment using a range of empirically validated techniques to help you relieve symptoms and find a new path to enhance your overall well-being. We are active clinicians; we don’t just sit back and listen. We work to provide education, explain tools, enhance skills, and build relationships, so you come away feeling more prepared to navigate your future journey well.

At HMP, our psychologists have specialised backgrounds in dealing with various mental health concerns such as depression, low mood, anxiety, trauma, and everyday stress. Each specialist brings their expertise and techniques to assist individuals in identifying and prioritising areas of their lives where they require the most support. We focus on a theme of preventative medicine: understanding the mind-body connection and the neurobiology/neurophysiology of stress and emotional distress across the whole body. Here are some ways our specialists can help:

Assessment and Goal Setting:

Our psychologists will conduct assessments to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation. Through discussions and various assessment tools, they will help you identify your specific challenges, strengths, and goals. This collaborative process allows for the development of a personalised treatment plan, including using our team of collaborators, including those in other fields outside of Psychology alone.

Evidence-Based Techniques:

Our specialists utilise evidence-based techniques to address specific mental health concerns. These techniques may include cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based interventions, solution-focused therapy, trauma-focused therapy, or other modalities that have been shown to be effective in treating specific conditions.

Identifying and Changing Unhelpful Thoughts and Behaviours:

Our psychologists will work with you to identify and challenge negative or unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours that contribute to distress. They will help you develop healthier coping strategies and adaptive ways of thinking to improve your overall well-being. We understand that the way our brains process information can often be developed from our early years and our experiences along the way; for this reason, it may be important to explore the past, which we can help you through.

Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques:

Our specialists can teach you stress management techniques, relaxation exercises, and mindfulness practices to help you better manage everyday stress and anxiety. These techniques can empower you to cultivate resilience and enhance your ability to cope with challenging situations moving forward.


Our psychologists provide psychoeducation, offering information and resources about mental health conditions, the mind-body interaction, symptom management, and self-care strategies. By increasing your understanding of your own experiences, you can develop skills and strategies to navigate challenges more effectively.

Support and Empathy:

Support and Empathy: Our specialists are trained to provide a compassionate and non-judgmental space for you to express your emotions and concerns. They will listen attentively, validate your experiences, and offer support throughout your therapeutic journey.

To access the support and assistance offered by HMP, please reach out to us on the enquiry form below. We understand the importance of mental health support and are here to help you move forward on your journey towards well-being.

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