Pain management / Fibromyalgia

Pain management / Fibromyalgia

It is understandable that many people may feel apprehensive or uncertain when advised to see a psychologist in relation to their pain condition. At HMP, we want to emphasize the significant negative impact that living with a pain condition can have on various aspects of one’s life, including lifestyle, family dynamics, and work functioning. It often disrupts our established coping strategies, leading to feelings of stress, hopelessness, and negativity when traditional medical approaches fail to provide clear solutions.

In the field of pain psychology, we recognize the complex interplay between the physical pain signals in the body and how the brain interprets and processes those signals. This interaction is influenced by emotional reactions, which can either intensify or help mitigate the symptoms experienced. Our goal is to provide you with valuable insights into the neurophysiology of the mind-body connection, the interplay between the brain and nerves, and the ways in which we can alter our relationship with pain signals.

Pain psychology incorporates a range of techniques that delve into the neurophysiology of the central nervous system and the significant role of thoughts and emotions in neuroplasticity. Techniques like Pain reprocessing therapy (PRT), Mindfulness-based techniques, Polyvagal theory, the neurophysiology of the stress response, CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution-Focused treatment, and many others will create an individualised therapy plan using holistic mind/body science. When we consider an individualised treatment plan, we speak about the science behind other specialist fields in a holistic treatment program for the client. We will discuss with you some of the other professionals within our wider network who may be able to provide additional support on your rehab journey.

By offering information and guidance, pain psychology aims to empower individuals to understand and modify their responses to pain, whether that is the signal itself or all the implications that pain has on one’s overall life responsibilities and engagements. Through a collaborative approach, we work together to develop strategies that can improve overall functioning, potentially leading to a reduction in pain symptoms over the long term. Our focus is on helping you regain a sense of control, enhance your quality of life, and foster a healthier relationship with your pain, regardless of whether it is a chronic condition or if it’s remitting with new strategies.

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