Healthy Mind Psychology:
A Different Kind
of Therapy

Healthy Mind Psychology:
A Different Kind
of Therapy

If you feel like you’ve tried everything, try us.

At Healthy Mind Psychology we understand how to treat the holistic health of the mind and body. We know the most popular therapies don’t work the same way for every individual, so we’re here to show you how our method of psychology can be different. Explore our six pillars that support the Healthy Mind Psychology ethos.

{ Specialities }

Clinical psychology

Do you experience depression, anxiety, or thoughts that make it difficult to get through the day? You’re not alone. We can help you understand your thoughts and emotions, and how they affect your life.

Health Psychology

Breathing difficulties, unusual physical sensations or discomfort, sensory changes, or worry about potential health conditions can take a toll on you. We work with you to manage these symptoms following diagnosis, during treatment, through remission, or even when more serious medical conditions have been ruled out.

Pain Management Psychology

Chronic pain conditions only get worse when your mood and mindset focus on that pain. To help you manage the repercussions of chronic pain to your body and lifestyle, we teach you how to break the cycle of the influence of the mind on body symptoms so you can finally feel relief.


Life after brain injury can bring challenges that can make you feel frustrated or broken. We can assess your mind health and work with your medical team to help you optimise your thinking and lifestyle.

{ What our patients Say }

“Not only do I get a scientific reasoning with my therapist, I also get a very logical explanation to my emotions and we work through it together. I have been with Healthy Mind Psychology for 18 months and the experience has helped me understand my challenges so I can begin to move forward.”

Patient Seen For: Nocioplastic Chronic Back Pain

“Healthy Mind Psychology creates a very comfortable environment to be in. My time here has been very productive and sometimes surprising!”

Patient Seen For: Fibromyalgia

“Amber is an outstanding psychologist. She is very professional, extremely helpful, and she is especially great in aspects of clinical psychology. She is engaging and explains everything very well. She has changed my life for the better.”

Patient Seen For: Anxiety, Chronic Pain

“Healthy Mind Psychology made me feel heard and helped me learn methods of managing a dynamic disability and grow in confidence, self-awareness, and happiness.”

Patient Seen For: Functional Neurological Disorder

“My Psychologist was able to explain to me, in simple terms, the relationship between the physiological, emotional, and psychological differences of some of the things I was experiencing. It gave me a clearer picture of why and how things were playing out in the way that they were, which was insightful and extremely valuable to me.”

Patient Seen For: Traumatic Brain Injury

“Healthy Mind Psychology has helped encourage and support me, to get me back to a strong mental capability with an understanding that despite my injuries, I am still the same person I always was.”

Patient Seen For: Neuropsychology

“I was shown how to cope with the issues I was going through, and through these strategies, I learned to help manage my condition. I find Healthy Mind Psychology an important part of my ongoing mental health and pain management, and continue to have sessions on a regular basis.”

Patient Seen For: Chronic Pain Management

“Healthy Mind Psychology has helped me to develop tools and techniques to work with anxiety, stress, and body sensations to live a full, fun life. Their support helped to understand why I feel the way I feel and joined up the dots in understanding my mind and body for the first time in my life.”

Patient Seen For: Health Psychology

“Through therapy, I have honestly gained my life back. Amber and Healthy Mind Psychology has helped so expertly with addressing and healing my physical pain and medical issues, and at the same time taught me how to navigate my emotions and thoughts in a healthier way. More importantly, rather than resolve those issues for me, she has given me tools and changed my outlook so that I feel so competent in dealing with things on my own.”

Patient Seen For: Fibromyalgia

“Amber has managed to change my whole perception of pain and how to cope, and also helped me to understand how my condition is exasperated by stress and living life with high anxiety. With her extensive knowledge, research, and reading, I now understand not only my condition, how it arrived and above all, myself.”

Patient Seen For: Chronic Pain Management

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{ Awards and Recognitions }

2023 Best Holistic Neurorehabilitation Provider – South East England

2024 Mental Health Awards Programme

2024/25 London and South East England Psychology Clinic of the Year

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Well-Read: AMBER’S Book of the Month

Dr Amber Johnston, owner of Healthy Mind Psychology, has curated her favorite resources on how a healthy mind creates a healthy body.

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