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Find a Therapist

It’s all in your head… and that’s exactly where it should be!

If you’re ready to try a psychology session and start on your journey to feeling better, take our quiz to discover your treatment options and find out how we can help.

At Healthy Mind Psychology, we understand how daunting it can be to ask for help and begin talking about your mental health with someone who is not a close friend or family member. Our philosophy is that we all experience ups and downs in life, and everyone at one time or another can benefit from psychological support from an experienced professional. You may just not know exactly what you looking for.

Healthy Mind Psychology therapists are committed to providing you a personalised kind of therapy that is tailored to your unique circumstances — all in an environment where you can feel safe and comfortable. You are welcome to let the experts guide you if you prefer, but we would like to hear any particular ideas you have for your own treatment. Our goal is to help you build a partnership with your therapist so that you feel empowered to have ownership over your own improvements as you work together.

To help us get a better understanding of what you may be looking for, we have developed some questions that may guide how to begin your journey. These questions are solely to help us get an idea of what you are looking for but are not required for you to seek services. Answer only as many questions as you feel comfortable with, and we will do the rest during an initial assessment with you therapist.