Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

Functional Neurological Disorder

HMP specialises in working with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), a medical condition characterised by neurological symptoms that do not have a specific organic or structural cause yet create significant personal distress and disruption of functioning. Our team of doctoral-level clinicians are experienced in providing comprehensive care for individuals with FND, utilising empirically validated techniques to manage both the symptoms and the distress associated with them.

The symptoms of FND can manifest in several ways, affecting various parts of the body. Motor symptoms such as weakness, paralysis, tremors, abnormal movements, coordination difficulties, or gait abnormalities may be present. Sensory symptoms can include altered or loss of sensation, tingling, numbness, vision changes, hearing disturbances, or pain. FND can also present with non-epileptic seizures that resemble epileptic seizures but are not caused by abnormal brain activity. Speech and swallowing difficulties, such as stuttering, slurred speech, or difficulty producing words, may also be experienced.

In addition to addressing the physical symptoms, psychological support is crucial for individuals with FND. Our clinicians understand the psychological aspects of the condition and provide support to help individuals cope with emotional distress. By offering psychological interventions, we aim to empower individuals to actively participate in their treatment and recovery journey. Our focus is to help patients optimise their emotional functioning, reduce the stress response, treat any potential trauma, and help them navigate the frustrations of a misunderstood diagnosis. We focus on the science behind the mind/body interaction to provide empirically supported education and treatment tools to help clients through their recovery.

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