Become an associate With Healthy Mind Psychology

Become an associate With Healthy Mind Psychology

Join a team where therapy is different

Healthy Mind Psychology is growing our team of exceptional and qualified psychologists, and currently accepting enquiries to become an associate. We are expanding our services across London and the UK to offer both virtual services, as well as on-site clinical sessions. We’re a different kind of therapy. Come see why.

Benefits to Build Your Business

Supervisory Relationships

Dr Amber Johnston offers group supervisory relationship roles to all Healthy Mind Psychology associates so you can strengthen your professional development but also feel part of a team. We aim to take the loneliness out of being a sole clinician in private practice!

Be Part of Something Bigger

When you join our team, you are not just an associate, you are a part of a professional network that goes beyond mental health. Our team works collaboratively with dieticians, lawyers, medical consultants, psychiatrists, neurologists, and physiotherapists. We are committed to offering patients expert holistic care and a different approach to treatment.

Paperwork and Legal

Healthy Mind Psychology is willing to offer support with your required paperwork and standard processes so you can begin scheduling patients sooner without navigating complicated administrative tasks. We offer billing and invoicing processes to take this administrative task off your hands so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Independent PracticE

We value your unique identity and autonomy in your practice. Working for Healthy Mind Psychology means you can continue to be a part of NHS, remain self-employed, or form your own limited liability company.

Flexible Schedules and Services Offered

We value your professional experience as an associate. You control your caseload, treatment methods offered, the length of your treatment plans, the types of patients you would like to support, and your daily schedule.

Support for Complex Cases

When you join Healthy Mind Psychology, you have a team of medical and mental health professionals to support complex cases including licensed psychiatrists, case workers, and therapists.

Dynamic Case Loads

Healthy Mind Psychology supports mutually beneficial contracts with our associates. Becoming a member of our team requires no rigid case loads or exit criteria. We aim to provide you with the caseload of clients that you feel comfortable with and enjoy.

Getting Started

Healthy Mind Psychology has a special program for those trying to take the leap into private practice.  We want to make this process smooth and safe by offering you special guidance and support with set-up and development of your own practice in partnership with ours.

{ What Our Associates Say }

“I have worked as an associate for HMP for around 3 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. Amber provided everything I needed to take the leap into private practice as well as ongoing supervision and support. Without her I may not have had the courage to do it. I have learnt so much from Amber and working as an associate for HMP which has allowed me to develop professionally and personally. I have the freedom to manage my own time and caseload whilst also the security of knowing Amber is available for support should I need her. Amber is so incredibly knowledgeable and I feel very lucky to be part of the HMP team”

Dr Heidi Hand | Clinical Psychologist | Neuropsychologist

“One of the things that I love about working for Healthy Mind Psychology is that it contributes to my work-life balance, in the sense that it provides me with a great degree of control and flexibility. It is also a very supportive environment. I know that I can always reach out to Amber and speak out my thoughts, whilst knowing that these will be respected. It is great to be part of a team that shares a common approach: enhance emotional health of our clients.”

Dr Sofia Ferreira | Clinical Psychologist

“Having only worked solely in the NHS, making the move into private practice was made seamless by the support from HMP. Within a matter of weeks, I was up and running with clients. I really appreciate having control and flexibility over my caseload, particularly whilst continuing my NHS role. I have always felt supported by HMP, particularly around caseload management, billing and administrative tasks. The monthly group supervision sessions are a great opportunity to connect with other associates at HMP!”

Dr Hannah Odendaal | Clinical Psychologist

“It is a privilege to be part of Healthy Mind Psychology. As well as good referrals for my practice, they offer a forward thinking and very supportive professional environment which includes CPD, supervision and practical support. The ethos and values of Healthy Mind are totally in line with my own: supporting people with a holistic approach to mental health that understands that you cannot have mental health without supporting physical health, and vice versa. I am very interested in working with the natural environment and using evidence-based approaches to be creative with the process of therapy. Amber, Hannah and the team have been really receptive and this has encouraged me to extend my practice and become a more skilled and thoughtful practitioner – which most importantly will help a greater variety of clients. I have also learnt a lot from team members who have a wealth of experience and expertise.”

Dr Tamany Baker | Counselling Psychologist

“I came on board as an associate with Healthy Mind Psychology at the beginning of 2023 as a newcomer to private practice, and haven’t looked back since! Amber has created and encouraged a wonderful sense of connection between the associates and partners, and is always available to chat through referrals and other matters in a supportive way. I’m so glad I’ve landed on my feet with HMP and am confident about continuing to work and develop here for the longer term.”

Dr Kasia Mullan | Clinical Psychologist

Interested in Becoming an Associate?

If you’re passionate about providing a different kind of holistic patient care and building a career in psychology, we can’t wait to hear from you. Apply today to join a team of professionals that will help to advance your career. You’ll provide things like your CV, current DBS check, professional indemnity insurance, references, and registration as we ask you to demonstrate your competency in your areas of specialty.


Submit an application with your contact information, qualifications, and CV.

Meet the Team

A team member will contact you if your application is of interest to learn more about your experience, treatment methods, specialties, and why we might be the perfect fit for you.

Start Practicing

Within weeks, you’ll be trained in administrative and legal processes, provided all paperwork, and can begin adding patients to your schedule.

Join the Team


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